Why we selected Alpha Anywhere over Crystal Reports

By Nicholas Wieland –Alpha Anywhere Developer and Accounting System Expert

As a software solution provider, our clients need us to stay competitive and cost effective. This meant constantly reviewing the set of tools we use to provide our service. Because we specialize in Accounting, flexible and comprehensive reporting were of primary concern.

For many years our primary tools have been Crystal Reports (reporting), Dotnetnuke (website), Visual Basic (Windows Mobile Solutions) and our customers use QuickBooks Pro/Enterprise, Mas90, Navision, Macola, Exact and many other accounting packages.

In the Fall of 2016 a client asked us to build a completely web-based solution that included complex reporting. We needed to find a new software development tool – one that would let us develop the application in a single environment and do it faster than we knew our current tools would let us.

So You're Thinking About Using Alpha Anywhere

by: Steve Workings, Alpha Five Developer and Instructor
This little guide is for you if you're a person or company in need of a good database system. You're looking around, trying to decide which database to use. It's a big commitment after all. You'll invest a great deal of time, money and your future in that critical piece of software.

How To Create Filtered, Ordered DropDownBox Lists

Author: Steve Workings

Have you used the DropdownBox control for any of your fields yet? If you haven't, then you should consider trying it where appropriate. If you have, you may have run into a limitation in the point & click interface. The limitation is that there's no way to filter or order the records using the genies. Let's see what you can do about this.
Image 1 shows a typical developer's first attempt to populate a DropDown list using a SQL data source. But if you need to filter (and to a lesser degree order) your list based on variable values or other considerations, you'll quickly run out of road.